Halic University

Halic University

Halic University is a private institution established by the Children with Leukemia Foundation on November 23, 1998, to embark on its wide-ranging educational and research mission, including medicine, engineering, architecture, sports, and arts since 1998.

Halic University comprises 8 colleges, three vocational schools, a music institute, and a graduate studies institute, with over 15,000 students. It focuses on design, creativity, and nurturing qualified individuals.

Features of Halic University

  • Thanks to its 27,000 graduates, Halic University holds its place as an influential institution within Turkey and globally.
  • The university boasts over 65 scientific research laboratories, including anatomy, genetics, physics, e-commerce, and other labs that facilitate training and real-life integration.
  • The university hosts a diverse student body, with hundreds of international students from over 70 countries, creating a comprehensive and social campus environment.
  • The faculty members are renowned experts in their fields, making significant contributions to academic and sectoral aspects. They excel in training students and teaching them the values of continuity and adaptation to developments in their fields.
  • The university offers more than 140 academic programs, in addition to over 20 programs taught in English.

halic university Faculties
halic university Faculties

Faculties of Halic University

  • Medicine
  • Health Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Business Administration
  • Fine Arts
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Sports Sciences

Tuition fees at Halic University 

  • Diploma program for two years costs $3,500, while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in English incurs fees of $5,200, and for Medicine, it’s $24,000. Bachelor’s degree programs in Turkish cost $4,800, except for Medicine, which costs $18,000.
  • As for the master’s program without a thesis, the tuition fee is $6,000, and with a thesis, it goes up to $7,500. As for the doctoral program, the tuition fees reach $12,000.

Discounts at Halic University

  • A cash discount of 5% is available for students who pay the annual fees in full.
  • Additionally, siblings can benefit from a 10% discount.
  • For students seeking scholarships at Halic University, full payment for all years is required upfront, with a discount exceeding 50% of the total tuition fees.

Engineering Programs at Halic University

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Genetics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Medical Programs at Halic University

  • Human Medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition and Dietetics

Halic University Ranking
Halic University Ranking

Ranking of Halic University

According to the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking, which surveyed opinions from over 1300 higher education institutions from 92 countries, Halic University is ranked among the top 400 in the world in the fields of education quality and healthcare.

Location of Halic University 

The university is located in the AyupSultan area in Istanbul, with an indoor and outdoor area covering 197,000 square meters. The campus includes modern buildings, classrooms, labs, cafeterias, and restaurants, as well as various facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, football and basketball courts.

Halic University Accommodation 

The university accommodation can accommodate 506 male and female students, offering private rooms for three individuals, 24-hour security service, study areas, recreational areas, hobbies, TV room, cafeteria, laundry service for a fee, ironing room, as well as a small refrigerator, private bathroom in the rooms, and provided pillows, blankets, and mattress for each student.

Admission Requirements at Halic University in Turkey 

To apply to the university, the following documents must be submitted:
a personal photo, passport, high school certificate with a minimum grade of 60%, and a language certificate such as TOEFL if available.

Halic University Library
The university library was opened for service on campus in the academic year 1998-1999, the same year the university was inaugurated. The books in the library are arranged according to the “Library of Congress Classification System,” allowing all available resources in the library to be accessed through the library index. Additionally, numerous computer facilities are available in the library, enabling all readers to access library resources using their own computers.

Accepted Language Certificates at Halic University
For undergraduate level: A TOEFL certificate with a score of no less than 72 must be submitted.
For master’s level: A TOEFL certificate with a score of no less than 79 must be submitted.

Is Gulf University in Turkey recognized?
Yes, the university is recognized in all countries worldwide, partially due to its advancements in local and global rankings.

Free Services 

Kadmly Foundation offers a comprehensive range of services for students applying to Halic University
24/7 Excellent Communication: Kadmly provides continuous communication service throughout the week, ensuring support and assistance at any time.
Initial and Final Admission Processing: We facilitate the process of obtaining university admission from application to final acceptance.
Assistance in Obtaining Student Visa: We provide support in obtaining study visa procedures for international students.
Airport Pickup Service: We offer airport pickup service to ensure students arrive at their destination smoothly.
Student Accommodation Assistance: We assist students in finding suitable and safe accommodation in the city where they will study.
Residence Permit Appointment: We provide support in obtaining student residence permits in the study country.
Degree Equivalency: We offer diploma equivalency services to ensure the university recognizes grades and achievements.
Continuous Support: We ensure continuous communication with students and their families throughout their study period to provide necessary support and resolve any issues that may arise.
If you have any questions or inquiries about a specific aspect not covered in the article, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or WhatsApp at the following number: 00905065887796.

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